28 FOR $28

a 28-day movement challenge exclusively for women.

Beginning February 1, 2023











Beginning February 1, 2023!


Exclusively for women, designed by women!

How many of you struggle to stick to your exercise plan?

If you’re like my clients in the SHED program, it’s a lot of you. So much so we are dedicating an entire month to helping you create a realistic, sustainable movement plan and stick to it.

Now hear me loud and clear, this is NOT a challenge to kick your butt as hard as you can for 28 days. Rather, it’s more about creating consistency to develop the habit of intentionally moving your body every day.

To do this, we need to build something that is sustainable and doable. For most busy working women, carving out an hour a day isn’t doable. A few times a week maybe, but every single day, doubtful.

So, here’s what we will do. We are going to break it down into micro goals of 7 minutes of movement every day. That’s it. I don’t know anyone who can’t commit to 7 minutes a day, right?

The purpose of setting this micro goal is to establish a habit. It’s to regain trust in yourself that you can stay committed to this. And let’s be real, once you start moving, chances are you’ll keep moving well beyond 7 minutes.
This is what it takes to break old habits and create new ones.

Join the 28 for $28 Challenge



Everyone’s journey is different and on different fitness levels, but lets ban together and support one another's goals and dreams!



(for 28 days!)

  • Support & accountability from a community of women inside a private FB group led by Rachel Leigh.

  • A plan to remove confusion and decision fatigue that supports the whole woman.

  • Access to an expert in the field of health and nutrition.

  • Weekly LIVE coaching every Wednesday from 10:00 – 11:00 am MST.

  • A 28-day movement plan including Pilates, yoga, at-home weights, and 3 flex days to incorporate your exercise of choice.

  • A 28-day omnivore AND vegetarian meal plan to support muscle development, hormonal balance, and weight management.

  • An electronic workbook to understand your habits and behaviors and create new ones.



Why you need this:


  • To become the woman who stays committed to her health & exercise plan.
  • To give and receive support and accountability.
  • To feel motivated to exercise.
  • To regain trust in yourself that you will do what you say you will.
  • To break the habit of quitting.
  • To create confidence in yourself and your body.
  • To change your body composition.
  • To feel GOOD in your body again.
  • Because you need it.
Join the 28 FOR $28: a 28-day movement challenge exclusively for women.

"Rachel and Whole Woman Health have changed the way that I approach how I eat. I went from being fatigued with significant joint pain to understanding what I should eat for my body based on a scientific method. Her method is smart and holistic. I am so happy I did the SHED Program."

Amy C.

"I have spent the past month doing Rachel’s SHED program. It has been an interesting journey. This is not a typical detox program. The weekly coaching calls were enlightening and extremely thought-provoking. The recipes were delicious and I never felt deprived despite pausing several foods. I feel better and am looking forward to learning more."

Dana R.

Owner & Founder of Whole Woman Health & The SHED

I am an expert in the field of coaching, nutrition, and weight loss, which serves Shedders who are seeking the poignant advice that only a professional can provide. I've been described as a no-nonsense nutritionist, “chaos coordinator,” the “sound of reason,” a “food-freedom coach” and “the body whisperer.” I am also unbelievably direct and loving in my approach. Helping women who are trapped in a cycle of busyness, chaos, and overwhelm, yet want to lose weight and feel alive again is my passion. One of my deepest desires is to eradicate diet culture by helping moms break the cycle of dieting and body shaming to become positive role models for their children. And for women who are not mothers, to be an example of what is possible, giving other women hope and encouragement.


Your health is a byproduct of your life. If you’re ready to look deeply at root causes and do the work necessary to make sustainable change in order to reap the benefit of health & your desired body composition, then I’d like to work with you.

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